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The Hidden Toxins In Cleaning Products

Many of us are aware that the lifestyle we lead and the environment in which we live greatly affect the quality of our health.  One of the most important habits we can abide by to ensure our health is to carefully evaluate the products we choose to buy and use.  A large number of consumers recognize the importance of this discretion as they select the food they purchase for themselves and their family.  And, they use the labels on these products to aid them in making an educated decision.  In fact, without the information on the label how could they?

Well, have you ever given thought to the other things besides food that find their way into our bodies and the way that they enter?  Dangerous chemicals can be found in the air that we breathe and the products that our skin absorbs.  Those things do not always come with such informative labels.  But, we spend so much time indoors, at work or at home, that care should be taken to ensure the air in those facilities is of a high quality. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stated that indoor air is 2-5, sometimes even 100, times more polluted than outdoor air!  And, they say, the main contributor is cleaning products.

The toxins are not just in the air.  The residues in your microwave or on your food preparation surfaces can be nuked or transferred into your food.  The steam you breathe when you take a hot shower could be laden with carcinogens from your shower cleaner.  When you spray air fresheners or odor neutralizers you could also be distributing a hefty dose of toxins all over everything! Would you wash your hands and clean your dishes with a registered pesticide? That’s exactly what you’re doing when you clean with a soap containing Triclosan.  Then the chemical gets washed down the drain, polluting our water supply and endangering our ecosystem. It also can create “super germs” if you don’t wash long enough to completely kill the germs.  Even laundry detergents can leave you wearing more than just your clothes, when their residues are left behind.

A large percentage of our population may be ill, or not experiencing the health they could be, because their bodies have become bogged down with a myriad of synthetic, debilitating chemicals.  They can cause unfavorable sensitivities, allergic reactions and a variety of other symptoms.  Research has shown many of these ingredients to be carcinogens and/or cardiovascular, skin, gastrointestinal, kidney and respiratory toxicants, among other things. They have been proven to cause birth defects, neurological problems, migraines, dizziness, endocrine disruptions and energy depletion. In addition to harming our health, many of these products are petroleum based.  They are using up non-renewable resources and wreaking havoc in our eco-system.

Most of the alternative cleaners available have ingredients that are derived from natural, renewable, agricultural resources, such as grapefruit seed, orange peel and lime peel extracts, soy, mint, essential oils. Some cleaners work due to live enzyme factors that digest organic matter and mineral deposits.

With alternatives available, there is no need to subject ourselves to these toxins. Become an informed consumer and  make the switch today. You’ll be glad you did.

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