Embark Herbal’s Policies & FAQ

Cancellation and Late Policy:

Cancellation Policy: Consultations are non-refundable* and require at least a 24-hour cancellation notice, in writing, prior to your scheduled appointment, which should be emailed to customerservice@embarkherbals.com. You will receive an email back within 48 hours to reschedule. The second time that a cancellation notice is received, you will forfeit 20 minutes of your call time due to scheduling inconvenience. After the third cancellation, you will forfeit your entire appointment.

*When appointments are booked, that time slot is removed from the calendar and dedicated to you, therefore we are unable to book any other calls at that time.

Late Policy: There is a 7-minutes late grace period for appointments. After 7 minutes the call will automatically be rescheduled and the cancellation policy will apply. The grace period minutes do count towards your appointment time.